My music



Nature troubadour, Ken Bevis, enjoys playing his songs for people.

I got my shots, (I hope you did) and have been venturing out a little, carefully, preferably outdoors, and playing a little. I want to perform!!! 

I work as a wildlife biologist, and play music everyday. 40 years of songwriting! 

I have 2 CDs. they are pretty good. Want one?. Each song was crafted into a final version with my friend Breathe, then other voices and instruments were added one at a time. We carefully layered the compositions. Each musician interpreted each song in their own original way.  I listen to these collaborations a few years after making and they are even more amazing.  Unique, and beautiful. 

Ken was  featured in the Wenatchee World newpaper. Read the article here.

He was also interviewed by Dan Maher of NW Public Radio on May 11, 2019. Check the archived interview here.

He wants to do Zoom and House concerts. Let me know.

Thanks for checking my site out!